Here’s one more New Year’s Resolution you might add to your list: Training your children to be aware of internet/online security or cyber security. As many are aware, cyber security is the protection of assets and data from electronic attack. This includes protecting your personal computers, mobile phones and tablets.

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for younger children to have mobile phones and/or tablets. Nor is it uncommon for your kids to download a new app onto their mobile devices often without parental knowledge, or for your kids to be using your personal home computer to make an internet purchase with your credit card. With hackers always trying to find new ways to obtain your personal and financial data, you and your kids are continually and unknowingly at risk of a cyber-attack.

In helping to combat cyber-attacks and to inform taxpayers about this risk, the IRS has become a strong resource for information relating to securing personal information. Education is key to prevention. The IRS recently posted on their site, Tax Tip 2019-171 – Adults can pass on these tips to teach teens online safety, which is a good source of information to help parents teach their children about the risks of the internet and ways to minimize and prevent such risks. Taking a few minutes reviewing this information with your kids should help to protect your family’s personal data and assets.