Hygiene capacity is an interesting topic. ? Owners frequently define a full hygiene schedule with few openings to be at capacity.

The mistaken belief is that a full schedule denotes success. ?This definition is very limiting, since few owners are truly tapping the potential capacity that they already have. ?Often they are experiencing?a scheduling problem that is allowing thousands of dollars to go undetected and preventing periodontal patients from getting necessary treatment. ?Left unexamined an owner can unwittingly be choking practice growth.

A better approach would start from a different angle. ? First, examine the potential appointments needed to support your active patient base and reverse engineer the schedule to meet optimum capacity levels. There is an easy formula to find your true potential.

We are very excited to share our spreadsheet with you to auto calculate hygiene days needed: https://bit.ly/2CRXauv.

You will need to collect this information:

  • Find your active patient base number (active defined as seen in the last 18 months)
  • How many weeks per year do you work?
  • How many hygiene appointments are available each day?

*** One word of caution – the total days you arrive at is based on the practice retaining?85% of the patients in the schedule at all times and having 30% of the hygiene base in a periodontal program. ?Please make sure your practice meets this criteria.

There are many variables here for instance, understanding your cancellation rate and new patient numbers. ? All these things are worthy of a discussion before you decide how many hygiene days you should be booking.

This spreadsheet will be a game changer for you. ?It will shine a light on the team?s effectiveness.? ?As you can see?much goes into finding your true capacity. ?Not understanding this important number can cost thousands in lost revenue.

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