Services for Practice Owners

Howard is very professional and courteous. He is always available when we have accounting questions so we are very?happy to have the chance to work with?him.

We know it can be difficult to balance your time and responsibilities as a business owner and a direct healthcare provider.

You need to trust that your accounting, payroll, business operations, and corporate tax filings are overseen by competent and experienced people.

At Kaplan-Newman Schwartz & Schwartz, we work with you to develop the menu of services that best meets your specific needs. Additionally, we offer packages that include regularly scheduled meetings (by phone, office and online) to ensure we stay on top of all your Practice’s financial needs.

Our Service Menu for Practice Owners includes:

  • Accounting Packages
  • Bookkeeping
  • Practice Management Assistance
  • Tax Return Services for Businesses
  • Extra Services (such as Payroll, 1099 Processing, Bonus Calculations)


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